Born in Miami of Cuban heritage, Osvaldo Morales, Jr., was raised in Union City, New Jersey. Steeped in the culture of Cuba, a young Osvaldo Morales experienced cigars as a staple akin to rice and black beans.

 As he tasted fine cigars, he learned that they speak to the soul, as well as, the body. The peace a fine cigar brings is the ultimate goal of Osvaldo Morales Cigars. Smoking is a burnt offering of sweet nostalgia, history playing out in wafts of pungent smoke before your eyes, the wrapper’s marbled brindle complexion between your fingers.

O.M. Cigars is not chasing every smoker. Instead, O.M. is ready, and invites those who are enchanted by finely crafted and well-aged offerings. You see, O.M. Cigars does not simply want to sell you a cigar. O.M not only wishes to deliver the smoker a tremendous experience, but also to build a relationship before and after each light and nub, as well. “Let’s do lunch!”