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“I like knives with sharp points. You never know when you might want to pop a balloon or peel a banana.” -Sonny Barger. Well, with these bad boys you can do all that plus cut the cap off a fine premium cigar via perfect precision. Perhaps sire would like to light up in celebration of your balloon and banana achievements?

Each features a sheepsfoot style, hollow-ground blade. Smooth friction-folding usage, and rare Wenge handle; a wood renowned for its strong patterns and amazing durability.

That covers function & introduces form. You just can’t beat the look of these things. Let the other boys have their small tinker toys. You can excuse yourself when you ‘whip this out.’ See that logo? It’s your next favorite cigar brand, O.M. Cigars.

Available in two sizes: […]

Small Cigar Cutter & Big Cigar Cutter.

Overall length: 16 cm or 19.5 cm

Blade closed length: 12 cm or 13.5 cm

Blade length: 10.5 cm or 12 cm

Blade material: This steel is used in making precision surgical instruments because of its sharpness as well as its corrosion resistance.

420j2 stainless steel contains medium quality carbon content. It has good corrosion resistance in salt-free atmospheres and in most industrial environments. It is resistant to many chemicals and household cleaners; and, it is also a more durable steel compared to the 440 grades.

Handle length: 9.5 cm or 12 cm

Handle material: Wenge wood (Millettia laurentii) is a tree found mainly in Tanzania and Mozambique. Another name for the wood is African rosewood. Brass pins and under Brass.

Very Sharpe blade edges.

Comes with leather sheath Free

Maintenance <<<

For those who have reasonable experience with sharpening, we recommend a finish stone of 8000 grit. If one is not certain, or for beginners, stones with a grit between #3000 and #6000 will produce acceptable results.

If you are only using it for cigar caps go all the way to the #8000. This is because, the refinement you get from a #8000 grit stone. With its extremely fine grit size, #8000 grit honing stone is perfect for the final polishing of bevels and back sides. It gives a fine, razor-sharp edge to any tool of the knife blade.

Only I, provide you with a Free! Functional sheath !!!

Use a Leather Balm: a non toxic leather conditioner designed to restore worn leather and protect new leather goods. Your new sheath will then take the shape of your new cutter.

A tool for life , and a symbol of quality and construction. Under proper care.

Best regards,

Osvaldo Morales

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