Essential Blend No. 2


Indulge in the luxurious OM Cigars Essential Blend No.2, where each puff is a symphony of flavors. Experience the bold fusion of baking spices and a hint of cayenne, harmoniously intertwined with the rich undertones of dark chocolate. These notes are meticulously separated from the deep roast of coffee beans by a whisper of toasted cedar.

Embrace the opulent, oily texture that carries a robust yet sophisticated profile of leathery creme brulee. This is not just a cigar; it’s a statement of strength and refinement, wrapped in the finest San Andres Cuban-seed.

Bound with the exotic Negrito leaf and filled with the vibrant Corojo, each cigar is a testament to Osvaldo’s heritage, offering an escape to a world of intense pleasure and satisfaction.

Choose your perfect moment:

  • The 60×6 Gordo at $14.00 MSRP for those who prefer a grand presence.
  • The 54×5 Robusto XL at $12.00, for a robust experience.
  • The 50×6 Corona Gorda XL at $12.00, for a long-lasting indulgence.

Elevate your senses and define your moments with OM Cigars Essential Blend No.2. Click to purchase and transform your next smoke into an satisfying journey.

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